Food taboo our deadliest killer

Food taboo our deadliest killer Workers tackle mounds of junk - much of it left over from junk food that causes 72% of all deaths in the Cook Islands. photo | LGNZ OVERVIEW :  higher taxes for alcohol and tobacco have not been matched with higher taxes for junk food  #analysis   Jason Brown Cook Islanders have once again topped world statistics - for obesity. Over two thirds - 68.7% - of all men in the Cook Islands are rated as "living with obesity." And dying with it, too. So-called "non-communicable diseases" or NCDs remain involved in the majority of causes of death. Everyone dies eventually. 690 PRODUCTS, 41 COUNTRIES For all too many Cook Islanders, however, the causes are anything but 'natural'. Yet the country continues to import millions each year in highly sugary drinks and foods. A trade page shows that in 2014 the country imported 690 different consumer products from 41 different countries.  By comparison, just 13 products were exported, to 22

kia orana ki te ao maori !

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Independent, investigative islands

Stay focused: For Cook Islanders, 2022 started with more rough weather - and a reminder we need independent news.  video / alistair macquarie    #behindthescenes b y J ason Brown  “Fighting fake news, misinformation and disinformation via media literacy”, was one early description for our new press.  Feedback from associates, colleagues, friends and family found that description lacking — both negative, and dull.  Perhaps, they suggested, a better description might include a vision. Such as “..independent, investigative, islands ..” for example.  That one been mulled over for quite some time now.  See our informal “ about ” page, written in #behindthescenes styles. Overall, feedback has been cautiously supportive towards this so-far 18 month-long soft launch. Agreement with the relaunch of Cook Islands Press as an idea, but hopes that lessons have been learnt from company insolvency last time.  Otherwise? Among Cook Islands communities worldwide, there not just hunger but a thirst for