Low to no to tomorrow

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Risks for Cook Islands, first officially published 2008, impacting youth under 35 years old. 

After years of
open questions,

Cook Islands
remain silent
on why“extortion” risks ?

from national integrity

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Extortion was last mentioned as a problem by the Financial Intelligence Unit in 2015.

A follow up report in 2017 dropped any mention of extortion.

Then risk assessments stopped.


Extortion risks were first officially mentioned online, in a report referred to as the "2004 Walker’s Report".

At that time, risk of extortion was rated in the Walker report as “low”. 

No cases were referred to authorities.

That first assessment in 2004 remained in place. for the next report in 2008, and again seven years later in 2015.

By 2017, however, there was no rating.

Or other mention.

Extortion was not mentioned, at all.

Questions from Cook Islands Press about the disappearance of extortion from National Risk Assessments went unanswered.

Five years after the 2017 report, online assessments also disappeared.

Meanwhile, many tens of thousands of taro were planted. 

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